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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Which EZ Connector Truck-Side Connectors Fit My Vehicle's Wiring Harness?

    A: EZ Connector truck-side magnetic electrical connectors come standard with three wiring options: 1.) Hard-wired; 2.) Plug-and-play-round; and 3.) Plug-and-play rectangle. The vehicle make, model and year, along with the condition of your current wiring harness connector (if there still is one in place) will determine which truck-side connector is best for you. Note, in some cases, you may also need to purchase installation clips for your EZ Connector truck side connector to optimally fit in place of your existing 7-blade RV style connector. For best results, look under your vehicle's bumper to verify the type of wiring harness connector on your vehicle, and match the type with the list below:

    • Hard-Wired (R7-01, R7-05, S7-05, S7-08, S14-05-6)
      •  Recommended for all makes and models where the original plug and play wiring harness connector is missing or damaged, or in older vehicles where existing wiring harness connector does not have rubber seals and water-tight seal at connection to harness is needed.
    • Round (R7-02, R7-06, S7-06, S7-09)
      • All Ford from 2008 to 2024 and some earlier models, check harness
      • All Chevy and GMC from 2008 to 2024 and some earlier models, check harness
      • All Toyota from 2008 to 2024, check harness for earlier models
      • All Nissan from 2008 to 2024, check harness for earlier models
      • All Dodge from 2011 to 2024, check harness for 2009-2010, not generally recommended for 2008 or earlier
    • Rectangle (R7-02D, R7-06D, S7-06D, S7-09D)
      • All Dodge automobiles from 2000-2008
      • Some Dodge automobiles from 2009-2010 (Check under bumper)


    • Q: Where can I find installation instructions?

      A: EZ Connector Magnetic Electrical Connector installation instructions can be found HERE.

    • Q: Are professional installation services available?

      A: EZ Connector does not offer installation services. For best results, we recommend that your EZ Connector magnetic electrical connectors be installed by a trained and qualified auto mechanic.


        • Q: How often should I perform maintenance?
        • A: For best results, basic maintenance, which consists of using a rag to clean off any debris that may have gotten into the main plug contact areas, placing a very small amount of Vaseline / petroleum jelly on the o-rings, and
      replacing any damaged or missing o-rings
          , should be done any time that any debris or o-ring damage is noticed, or at least once per year (To make it easy to remember, some customers choose to schedule an annual change of their
      EZ Connector O-rings, which can be bought on the EZ Connector website
          , at the same time wiper blades are changed.) 
        • Q: Are there any recommended cleaning methods if the contacts get dirty?
        • A: If you ever notice any significant debris buildup or corrosion on the surface of the pins of your EZ Connector electrical connector, the pin surfaces can be cleaned / re-conditioned by gently and sparingly rotating an
      EZ Connector cleaning tool, which is available on the EZ Connector website
        , on the pin surfaces.
      • Q: Can I use dielectric grease on my EZ Connector Magnetic Electrical Connectors?
      • A: Dielectric grease should NOT be used on or near the pins of your EZ Connector magnetic electrical connector because it is non-conductive. The use of dielectric grease on the surface of the pins could cause your EZ Connector electrical connector to not function properly. If you accidentally get any dielectric grease on the pins of your EZ Connector magnetic electrical connector, wipe away the grease as best as possible with a clean and dry rag.

      International Orders - Canada

      • Q: Does EZ Connector Ship to Canada?

        A: Yes. Canadian customers can order EZ Connector Electrical connectors by contacting us directly at
        Canadian orders for standard EZ Connector Electrical connectors may also be placed online via Huber Ag Equipment's website(link opens new tab).

      If you still need help, please contact our office at: 1+ 559-686-5889.

      For assistance with placing orders for connectors with custom cable length, other custom configurations, or international orders, please email