Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for Commercial Applications 

With up to 14 conductors, EZ Connector magnetic electrical connectors and trailer plugs have the ability to send both power and data in the same plug, to have as many as 6 connectors side-by-side with no mix-up, to get custom lengths of various cable types and even get gold plated contacts for corrosion resistance in various configurations is why progressive companies that are technological leaders in their respective industries are choosing EZ Connector to give them an additional competitive edge. EZ Connector can help you join this group of technology leaders. Contact us at or 1-559-686-5889 to see if we can develop a solution for your connector problems. 

Inserted to this page are two different downloadable PDF files that explain different parts that we offer on our products. Completely customizable, you are able to design your own EZ Connector, just as you need it. To order a custom built EZ Connector, please call or email our office, and we would be happy to assist you.

Office: (559) 686-5889


Click here for 7 Pin options (.pdf)

Click here for 14 pin options (.pdf)


Here are a few examples of companies we helped to develop solutions for:

Viking-Cives Group

The North-American leader in innovation and dependability in snow, ice and truck equipment has made the EZ Connector the standard on some of their newer models, and actually use up to 3 of our 14-pin connectors simultaneously.


Toyota Manufacturing

Toyota uses our connectors behind their AGVs  (autonomous guided vehicles) for a reliable connector in their factories in North America where they need a absolutely reliable connector for the trams being towed by the AGVs.


Henderson Stamping

Located in TN, they are a high volume metal stamping company that uses EZ Connectors in their factory to insure that the large presses are not down due to an inadvertent disconnection, insuring maximum up time.


TDS Automation and Wheellift Systems

Manufacturer of the equipment capable of hauling hundreds of tons of equipment in factory yards, naval shipyards and for hauling rockets from factory to launch sites use EZ Connector for a fail-safe connection between their equipment.


FSI Fabrication, Inc. 

FSI Fabrication of Sunnyvale, WA designs and manufactures agriculture and other highway equipment. They are the home of the original EzMix and EzSpred and they install the EZ Connector in their equipment.  They are now part of Roto-Mix, builders of premium cattle feed mixers 



To get your own custom solution, contact us at:

559 686-5889