Horse & Livestock Trailers

If you have ever left a barrel racing event in the evening with lights working when you left to later find yourself on the side of the road because your lights stopped working, you understand why you need EZ Connector.  Likewise, if you have ever been coming down a rough mountain road with a load of cattle to find that your brakes aren't working because the plug shook out, then you know why so many people are switching to EZ Connectors.  Because horses and other livestock are extremely heavy and often restless when traveling by trailer, consistent, reliable braking on horse and livestock trailers is of critical importance. When you have predictable trailer braking, you and your livestock in tow remain calmer throughout their trip and arrive at their destination safe and injury free.  

Whereas the interference fir design of traditional 6 and 7 pole trailers plugs is prone to causing inconsistent braking, EZ Connector's patented design with face-to-face contacts enables consistent, predictable braking for your horse or livestock trailer. Add to that, people who use EZ Connector trailer plugs to power the brakes, tail lights, and auxiliary outlets on their horse and livestock trailers benefit from the extended life of the plugs that allow for frequent connecting and disconnecting without risking damage to the plugs spring-loaded contacts. 

This is why some of the largest cattle ranches in both Hawaii and Arizona use EZ connectors on all their trucks and trailers.