Big Plans Ruined By A Small Plug?
Not Anymore!
EZ Connector saves you time and money while keeping you and others safely on the road. Its electrical connection system for towing ensures a reliable trouble-free connection so that lights and brakes will work every time regardless of the conditions.
Now Available: The New EZS7 Self-Closing Version
Your Old 7 Blade RV Style Trailer Plug
EZ Connector Trailer Plugs
• Bent Blades and Poor Connections
• Unsealed Plugs That Corrode
• Weak or Torn-off Latching Cover
• Spring-Loaded, Face-to-Face Contacts
• O-Ring Sealed, Corrosion and Water-Proof
• Held Together By Strong Rare Earth Magnet

EZ Connector trailer plugs are backward compatible with your existing 4-pin flat, 6-pin round, and 7-blade RV style trailer plugs. (Adapters required. See complete product line-up for details).


Recent News:


Keystone Automotive

Keystone Automotive now carries the EZ Connector, in addition to Stag Parkway and Redneck Trailers.  Keystone fully stocks the EZ Connector product line in all of their warehouses and supplies all of the NTP/Link Towing customers as well, with 1-2 day delivery.


Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite Trailers offers the EZ Connector as an upgrade on their new trailers.


Viking-Cives Group

Viking-Cives, manufacture of large commercial snow removal equipment for municipalities and airports, now uses the EZ Connector S-14 version on their equipment.


Scale Rite, Inc.

Scale-Rite has recently integrated the EZ Connector into their movable scale system along the docks in Florida.


Key Dollar Cab, LLC

Key Dollar Cab, manufacture of orchard spraying tractor cabs, has now made the EZ Connector their standard connector.  Also, in the orchard spraying business, EZ Connector’s long time customer, Progressive Ag, has made EZ Connector their standard as well.

EZ Connector was recently featured on the show Wheels in Motion. Check it out!
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