"Here in Canada, we experience a lot of corrosion on our horse trailer plugs from salted roads, snow and dirt. It was common place for us to replace our truck and trailer connectors every spring to ensure working lights and brakes. Since installing EZ Connector 5 years ago on our Sooner, trailering is trouble-free. The connector is as good as the day we installed it, no corrosion, and guaranteed working lights and brakes. Yes, EZ Connectors aren't cheap but they pay for themselves with year after year of trouble free performance. We've just purchased another horse trailer, this one with living quarters and the first thing we did was change over the plug to an EZ Connector. If you want peace of mind and the confidence that your trailer connection is working, EZ Connector is the only answer."

Carol and Randy Hamel - British Coloumbia, Canada

"At Maltby & Co., safety is #1, from our employees to our equipment. After installing EZ Connector's trailer plug system to our fleet of trucks and trailers, we have eliminated the number one sourse of electrical problems between the truck and trailer, assuring that lights and electric brakes on our trailers are functioning to full potential with no chance of weather-related failure. This system adds an additional measure of safety to our fleet which we feel is extremely important."

Bruce Maltby - Equipment and Yard Manager

"As an electrician, I am very impressed with the quality of your product. My hope is that it becomes a standard in the RV industry. I can hardly wait for my RV service center to unplug my trailer when I go in to have my awning replaced. Then I'll have a chance to tell him. Word of mouth and one picture of a product in service are worth thousands in advertising."

Eric Hamilton