Boat Trailers

Safe, Reliable, Waterproof Trailer Plug Solutions for Boat Trailer Brakes and Lights 

What's the most important difference between EZ Connector trailer plugs and traditional trailer plugs when towing a boat trailer? EZ Connector trailer plugs are waterproof and corrosion resistant. In fact EZ Connector trailer plugs were developed out of shear frustration by a boat owner who found himself having to replace his traditional trailer plug practically every time he took his boat and trailer down the launch ramp.  

When you use EZ Connector trailer plugs to power your brakes and tail lights on your boat trailer, you can rest assured that even if you back your boat trailer a bit too far down the loading ramp and the exterior of your trailer plug gets wet, the inside of your trailer plug will remain dry and corrosion free. The result: You no longer have to worry about your brakes not engaging or your lights not working on your boat trailer. In addition, if you've wanted to convert to boat trailer brakes from surge brakes to manually controlled electric brakes, but haven't because you were concerned about the quality and reliability of electrical connections on traditional 7-blade RV style trailer plugs, EZ Connector trailer plugs make the conversion possible because of their durability, reliability, and waterproof design.