Tree Services & Landscaping

Safe Trailer Brake and Light Connection Solutions for Tree Chippers

Are you tired of DOT violations because the chipper's light were working when they left the yard?  Because landscaping and tree trimming services find themselves constantly connecting and disconnecting their tree chippers and yard waste trailers, reliable, easy-to-use trailer plugs are of critical importance. Properly functioning, easy-to-use trailer plugs result in more efficient trailer connection, disconnections, and transfers, as well as reduced risk of liability caused by trailer brake and trailer failure.  

Safe, Hassle-Free Brake and Light Connection Solutions for Landscape Maintenance Trailers

Landscapers often find themselves surrounded by dirt, debris and a variety of chemicals. All of which, can wreak havoc on your trailer plug connection causing it to not perform as it needs to. Because EZ Connector is both corrosion and water-proof, the problems often associated with the old legacy style plugs can be a thing of the past. The double o-ring seals and housing for the plug when not in use make the EZ Connector  the only plug available that will  prevent these issues from ever being an issue again. You will not only have a safe and easy to use plug, but one that can withstand the repetitive use of disconnecting a trailer.

Traditionally interference-fit, RV-style trailer plugs often cause landscaping and tree service owners and employees constant headaches given their susceptibility to bent contacts and broken plug flap covers that lead to plugs that simply won't stay connected. EZ Connector trailer plugs, on the other hand, are a saving grace to the landscaping and tree care industries. With their easy-to-use, quick-release magnetic attachments, EZ Connector trailer plugs can be easily connected and disconnected as many times as the operator desires without ever risking damage to the plug's solid, face-to-face contacts, and without the risk of the plug not staying attached when it is re-connected and traveling down the road.

Also consider the new Trailer Cable Pogo that we designed specially with tree service and landscapers in mind, it is designed to keep the plug from getting "Road Burn" from dragging on the ground in the event the driver fails to plug the connector in before driving off.


"At Maltby & Co., safety is #1, from our employees to our equipment. After installing EZ Connector's trailer plug system to our fleet of trucks and trailers, we have eliminated the number one source of electrical problems between the truck and trailer, assuring that lights and electric brakes on our trailer are functioning to full potential with no chance of weather-related failure. This system adds an additional measure of safety to our fleet which we feel is extremely important."