S7-06 - Female Socket with Plug n Play - Ford/GM/New Others

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EZS7-06 EZ Connector’s Self Sealing 7-pin Vehicle End with Plug n Play on GM, Ford, Nissan, New Dodge and Toyota vehicles equipped with a round harness connector attached to a factory installed 7-Way RV connector


The EZS7 is EZ Connector’s new self-sealing version of the award winning, most reliable, corrosion and water- proof connector available anywhere. Like the original EZR7 system, the backward compatible EZS7 system is magnetically held together and has spring-loaded face to face contacts and it now includes a self-sealing lid and self-closing plug holder. It is easier to install since it fits directly into the factory installed mounting bracket of most vehicles either directly as with 2000 – 2007 Fords or, with the use of the S7-60F, S7-60G, S7-60B2, S7-60DR or S7-60DL clips in most other models. With a shortened unit depth of only 2 1/2” it fits perfectly into the sidewall of a truck for 5th wheel applications. For 5th wheel and goose-neck uses it can also be installed into the sidewall of a pickup truck that already has a round OEM harness connector with sound connections from the wiring harness to the bed. This can save money over buying the complete S7-09 T Connector version.


Installation Instructions HERE