When your equipment absolutely has to work... you can count on the EZ Connector.


EZ Connector electrical connectors use spring-loaded face to face brass contacts that simply do not fail. There are no parts to bend or break and the waterproof design of the plugs keep moisture and contaminants out, eliminating corrosion. This creates reliability and safety that is unsurpassed.


EZ Connector electrical connectors can be connected in zero visibility conditions as its magnets pull the unit together, and with a slight twist, the pins align themselves and the plug is connected and sealed. Then the vehicle and trailer can be driven through the most extreme terrain, fording the deepest streams while electrical signals pass unimpeded through the clean, dry connection within the plug.


At the end of the mission, a quick tug on the cable disconnects the plug and a sealing cap keeps the socket clean, dry and corrosion free until its next use. This ensures that idle equipment sits mission-ready and there are no surprise failures when the equipment is needed in a hurry.


EZ Connector is currently working with the military as well as local, state and federal agencies in developing custom connector solutions.