R7-52 - EZ Male to 7-Way Female

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EZ Male to 7-Way Female (EZR7-52) Converts an EZ Connector socket mounted on a truck to a 7-way RV socket.

The adapter is designed to connect EZ Connector’s EZR7 and EZS7 female connectors mounted on the vehicle to trailers equipped with a legacy 7-blade RV connector;  enabling them to connect to older or less used trailers not equipped with the EZ system.

The adapters are an ideal interim solution for the industry – both with individuals who may need to tow another’s trailer with a legacy electrical connection and businesses who want to gradually convert their legacy systems to the high-quality EZ Connector system. As with all the adapters, please understand that your connection will only be as good as that provided by the legacy system and not that of the EZ Connector system.