S7-26 - 6' Cable with 2 Male Plugs

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The S7-26 Coach to Tow Vehicle with 6’ cable. The S7-26 is a 6 cable fitted with an EZ Connector male on each end for use between a motor coach and a tow vehicle. Included are 2 self-closing plug holders to attach to the hitch to store and protect the plug when not in use.  The new self-closing plug holder mounts onto the equipment and stores the plug watertight when not in use. Having slightly recessed contacts to prevent possible shorting of the contacts if attached to a flat surface and a thumb index tab to quickly align the plug into the socket in the dark or under a bumper, connection could not be easier. The plug end is totally water-proof, when disconnected which results in a clean, corrosive-free plug system that will provide trouble free connectivity.