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"At Maltby & Co., safety is #1, from our employees to our equipment. After installing EZ Connector's trailer plug system to our fleet of trucks and trailers, we have eliminated the number one source of electrical problems between the truck and trailer, assuring that lights and electric brakes on our trailers are functioning to full potential with no chance of weather-related failure. This system adds an additional measure of safety to our fleet which we feel is extremely important."

Bruce Maltby - Equipment and Yard Manager





"When you first look at EZ you'll be impressed that it's made to last with trouble-free function. With the T-connector I use, it only took 15 minutes to install on my truck. This is quality all the way. Bottom line, yes it's expensive, but you buy more expensive aluminum trailers for a reason. Quality is never cheap..."

Mr. Truck, December 2008

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"The question I have on the EZ-connector is why wouldn't you use them? With all the money spent on horses, trailers, barns, feed, shoes -- this is the single easiest way to increase the safety of your travel. Unlike all the plug-in type connectors, these always work. They don't get dirty and then get poor contacts. They don't wriggle free. You don't find yourself on a grade with no brakes or on a night trip without lights. It is simple to hook up, needs little maintenance (I spray mine with WD-40 every six months or so), and always works. We do a lot of trailering on dirt Forestry Service roads and these are the only connectors that stand up to that punishment”

Eric Eberhard

I have been very pleased with my purchase of Ez Connecter products. The quality is very good, their customer service is excellent and they have always shipped very quickly. I have not had any trailer connection problems at all since I have been using Ez connector products.

Chris Morris

As an electrician, I am very impressed with the quality of your product. My hope is that it becomes a standard in the RV industry. I can hardly wait for my RV service center to unplug my trailer when I go in to have my awning replaced. Then I’ll have a chance to tell him. Word of mouth & one picture of a product in service are worth thousands in advertising.

Jim Hamilton

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Here in Canada we experience at lot of corrosion on our horse trailer plugs from salted roads, snow and dirt. It was common place for us to replace our truck and trailer connectors every spring to ensure working lights and brakes.

Since installing EZ Connector 5 years ago on our Sooner, trailering is trouble free. The connector is as good as the day we installed it, no corrosion, and guaranteed working lights and brakes. Yes EZ Connectors aren’t cheap but they pay for themselves with year after year of trouble free performance. We’ve just purchased another horse trailer, this one with living quarters and the first thing we did was change over the plug to an EZ Connector. If you want peace of mind and the confidence that your trailer connection is working, EZ Connector is the only answer.

Carol and Randy Hamel

British Columbia, Canada

As soon as I arrived in Brazil, EZ Connector was mounted on my cars.  They are working very well, safety, easy to plug…very nice. Thank you for your help. Some friends are interested to buy it.

Alexandre F.


This recent order was for a 2013 truck I just purchased, I had also installed this plug system in my 2009 GMC 3500 about 1 year ago and I was very happy with the quality and performance of this plug system.  I’m a mechanical engineer so I can appreciate the design features you have put into this plug system.  I would highly recommend this type of truck/trailer system for anyone that does a lot of trailer. My wife travels the AQHA circuit national (trailers 25,000 miles per year) and currently is Spon

Mike L.

Wallingford, CT

I have several other EZ connectors.  I got first connector as a gift from my son.  Since then I have changed all my trailer connectors to EZ connectors. I really like your lifetime warranty policy.  Great products. 

T. Shrout

Mt. Vernon, TX