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EZ Connector has extensively tested its designs in real world, simulated, and laboratory enviroments. This includes leaving one of the plugs submerged in water for over 6 months straight, and subjecting the plug to the most rigorous SAE laboratory tests available. All of the tests were conducted to insure that the EZ Connector plugs are the most durable, most reliable electrical connectors available for low voltage applications.
EZ Connector electrical connectors received perfect scores on the SAE standard 2223-2 salt spray spray test, water submersion test, and drop test, and a score of 90% on the standard 2223-2 mechanical shock and vibration test, in which the connectors were subjected to outrageous forces of 35 Gs in three directions.
What this means to you: When you power your trailer brakes and lights or other equipment with EZ Connector trailer plugs and electrical connectors, you can rest assured that you are using the most durable, most reliable connectors available.
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(download .pdf of full test results)