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Q: Who can use the EZ Connector?

A: EZ Connector's EZS7 and EZR7 electrical connection systems are ideal for a variety of recreational, non- commercial and commercial uses, including: Boat and Watercraft Trailers, Fifth-Wheel Trailers, RVs and Motor Homes, Car Trailers, Utility Trailers, Sports Utility Vehicles, Trucks, Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment and Military Equipment.


Q: My current plug has four pins, will this work for me?

A: Yes, the EZ Connector is universal and is backward compatible with 6-, 5- and 4-pin configurations.


Q: I pull several different trailers with my truck. Can I buy just trailer ends?

A: Yes. Though you can still purchase the original EZR7 sytem as a complete kit for bumper pull applications, it is also sold as half kits. The EZS7 system is only sold as half kits. This allows our customers to purchase only the parts they want based the length of cord needed, the installation method they choose and the number of vehicles/trailers they are purchasing for.


Q: What is the difference between the bumper and the fifth-wheel/gooseneck versions?

A: This depends on the system you purchase. Then new EZS7 bumper version comes with 4 inches of pre-wired cable on the truck side plug end and either 4 feet or 6 feet of cable pre-wired to each trailer side. The EZS7 fifth-wheel/gooseneck version comes with 4 feet of cable pre-wired to each truck side plug end for hardwire applications and 7 feet of cable pre-wired to each truck side plug end for t-connector applications. The EZS7 fifth-wheel/gooseneck version has 8 feet of cable pre-wired to each trailer side plug end.

Whereas the traditional EZR7 hardwire version comes with 2 feet of cable pre-wired to each truck side plug end and 4 feet of cable pre-wired to each trailer side plug end. The EZR7 is no longer available for fifth-wheel/gooseneck applications.


Q: How do I install and mount on my vehicle and/or trailer?

A: While our line-up of EZ Connector products are relatively simple to install, we recommend that you have your local after-market dealer install them. Installation instructions are located here.


Q: What is the wiring size on the connectors. Do you furnish a wiring diagram?

A: There are three 12-gauge wires and four 14-gauge wires. Yes, we do provide a wiring diagram and recommend that all plugs be wired in the same fashion. Since this is a unique plug, we recommend that you wire the plug according to our specification so that it can consistently be used with anyone who has this plug. A wiring diagram is also located here.


Q: Can the plug be disconnected under load?

A: Though we don't recommend it, we have put the plug through several tests under load. Our most recent tests included simultaneously connecting the plug to six headlamps and cycling it (connecting and disconnecting) under load 16,000 times before we had a failure on only one of the six lights. To see the video on how we tested this, please click here.


Q: How watertight is the plug?

A: The plug is extremely watertight as long as the O-rings are properly maintained. The plug has been SAE tested to be watertight to 18 inches, and informally tested to be watertight to 10 feet.


Q: Can I use this on my commercial 18-wheeler?

A: Both the EZS7 and EZR7 systems are for recreational and light commercial applications. However, they are not for use with ABS brakes on large commercial truck trailer applications such as 18-wheelers. Although the contacts used are capable of carrying the current necessary to comply with J560 load requirements, the wire size does not comply with the government standard for use on large commercial trucks with ABS bakes. EZ Connector is currently developing a solution for this type of application.


Q: I have an RV; do I need a 7 pin for pulling my boat and a 4 pin for my car?

A: No. All EZ Connector systems are backward compatible with 6-, 5- and 4-pin configurations.


Q: What is the difference between EZ Connector's products and those other products currently on the market today (such as the J560 and 7-blade RV connectors)?

A side by side comparison of EZ Connector trailer plugs vs. traditional trailer plugs is available here.

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