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Convenient, Reliable Electrical Connection Solutions for Quick-Release Snow Plows, Snow Removal and Salting Equipment
Heavy snow storms often come without warning; As such, your snow plow equipment from snow removal to salting needs to be ready to go at all times throughout the winter. Whereas the mechanical quick release attachments on modern pickup truck mounted snow plows greatly reduce the time required to physically connect your snow plow, the electrical connections on modern snow plows aren't always as user friendly.

Fortunately, because of their o-ring sealed, waterproof, road salt and corrosion-resistant design, connecting your lights and electrical controls on your modern snow plow are a breeze when you use EZ Connector electrical connectors. The result: Instead of spending all of your time trying to get your lights and electrical controls to work, you are able to get out on the road plowing and salting more quickly than before.
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