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By purchasing an EZ Connector, you will be certain to have the safest and most reliable plug on the market. EZ Connector, Inc. is focused on making connectors that address all of the issues that commonly occur with other connectors. For example, corrosion is often a problem for people in both coastal regions and areas where the roads are salted during the snowy season. Because the EZ Connector products are double o-ring sealed and offer housing for the trailer plug when not in use, they are both water and corrosion-proof. Another common problem that often occurs, is that people will disconnect the trailer and forget about disconnecting their trailer plug. Then they drive off and are left with a bunch of torn wires. EZ Connector products are not latched in like the traditional ones, but rather held together by strong rare earth magnets, allowing the connector to break free instead of tearing the wires. It is by far the most reliable and heavy duty plug on the market.

The EZ Connector product line-up includes our original EZR7 line, our newest EZS7 line, a EZS14 line, Adapters and Accessories. We will soon be coming out with a new EZS2 and EZS2+2 line. All of which follow the same SAE tested and patented design.
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