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EZ Connector has been featured in the following news sources:
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Dockside Magazine - February 2007

“The Crème de la Crème of Trailer Plugs”

“...your trailer will be a pile of rust before this puppy fails”

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NATM Tracks Magazine - February/March 2008

“With nearly 60,000 crashes involving passenger vehicles towing trailers reported each year, there is a definite cause for concern... towing education, along with improvements in towing accessories, such as what EZ Connector offers, should hopefully stave of the growth of trailer accidents”

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Truck Trend Magazine - March/April 2009

“If you tow, you’ll appreciate this new’ll cost you less than 100 bucks”

The Trail Rider Magazine - April 2009

“The EZ Connector will make the wiring connection one less thing for you to worry about"

"Yes it's expensive...quality is never cheap. Peace of mind and safety have value"

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Toy Hauler Magazine - April 2009

“The quality is top-notch...I highly recommend it”

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Four Wheeler Magazine - June 2010

“We have no idea why cheap plastic interfaces have been the accepted standard,but we feel compelled to change it. As such, we did a little investigative work and found a solution, the EZ Connector, that we think could change the way you think of trailer connections”

“It’s my favorite safety device”

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“The award winning EZ Connector is without a doubt, the best product on the market that exists”

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“That’s an incredible and genius design. I love that. It’s going to solve a lot of connectivity problems, corrosion, open-circuits...”

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Wheels in Motion

“If you are tired of loose connectors, or maybe corroded wires, or broken wires when it comes to towing, look no further”

“I’m very impressed with this, and right out of the gate I got it. Because it is exactly what the name describes. It is EZ Connector. Within a couple of seconds you are ready to go.”

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Outback Travel Australia

“The EZ Connector survives where others have failed.  This product could be the ideal connector for camper trailers that go where others fear to dunk."

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Trailer LIfe Magazine- December 2010

“Finally, a bulletproof product that solves the problems associated with the standard seven-way plug and socket used on most trailers"

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