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Landscapers often find themselves sourounded by dirt, debris and a variety of chemicals. All of which, can wreak havock on your trailer plug connection causing it to not perform as it needs to. Because EZ Connector is both corrosion and water-proof, the problems often associated with the old legacy style plugs can be a thing of the past. The double o-ring seals and housing for the plug when not in use make the EZ Connector the only plug available that will prevent these issues from ever being an issue again. You will not only have a safe and easy to use plug, but one that can withstand the repetitive use of disconnecting a trailer.
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Featherlite Trailers is now offering the EZ Connector as an option on their coach trailers.  Most other horse trailer manufactures will be offering it as an option in 2014.  Please let your nearest retailer know that you would like to have the EZ Connector installed on your next trailer purchase.