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Because horses and other livestock are extremely heavy and often restless when traveling by trailer, consistent, reliable braking on horse and livestock trailers is of critical importance. When you have predictable trailer braking, your livestock in tow remain calmer throughout their trip and arrive at their destination safe and injury free.

Whereas the interference fit design of traditional 6 and 7 pole trailer plugs is prone to causing inconsistent braking, EZ Connector's patented design with face-to-face contacts enables consistent, predictable braking for your horse or livestock trailer. Add to that, people who use EZ Connector trailer plugs to power the brakes, tail lights, and auxiliary outlets on their horse and livestock trailers benefit from the extended life of the plugs that allow for frequent connecting and disconnecting without risking damage to the plugs spring-loaded contacts
Featherlite Trailers is now offering the EZ Connector as an option on their trailers. Most other horse trailer manufactures will be offering it as an option in 2014. Please let your nearest retailer know that you would like to have the EZ Connector installed on your next trailer purchase.
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