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The EZ Connector Story
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EZ Connector Was Developed to Improve the Safety and Reliability of Vehicle/Trailer Electrical Connections
With nearly 60,000 crashes involving passenger vehicles towing trailers reported each year, there is a definite cause for concern especially when both human safety and driver liability are at risk. Approximately 27 percent of towing accidents across the country result in injuries, and 72 percent cause property damage. While improper hitching was the root cause of a significant number of these reported accidents, poor electrical connections have also been a contributing factor. In fact, one of the major findings from Customer Profiles and Master Lock's well-publicized 2006 "Towing Troubles: Danger on America's Road" study was that more than 50 percent of towing vehicles and trailers received only moderate or poor rankings on their electrical systems. This suggests that brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights may not work properly due to frayed and exposed wires, which pose a significant danger.

While a number of companies are working toward manufacturing safer hitching systems, few companies have really tackled how to best improve the electrical systems from all angles. Therefore, the products that electrically connect these trailers have not progressed to the extent that they could, leaving drivers open to liability and most importantly, safety issues.

EZ Connector is speeding this progression along with its flagship product line, the EZR7 and its newest product line, the EZS7. Designed with ease-of-use and safety in mind, the water-proof and corrosion-resistant connector is the first plug/socket combination of its kind on the market to dramatically improve the reliability of the vehicle/trailer connection, and is designed as a universal configuration that can adapt to a variety of applications. The patented EZ Connector plugs use spring-loaded face-to-face contacts so that drawbacks such as arcing and socket/pin abrasion from frequent cycling are eliminated. The combination of spring-loaded pins and fixed contacts also allows for electricity to easily pass from socket to plug and mitigates problems such as voltage dropping due to increased cycling and the resulting open-circuiting of brakes and lights.
In addition, the EZ Connector solution is waterproof when connected as well because of its double o-ring seals. In fact, boaters with waterproof lights can back the EZR7 into the water without a problem based on this feature. Also, since EZ Connector uses neodymium magnets to hold the plug and socket together rather than a latch, the sheer strength of these magnets provides additional support for keeping the plug and socket affixed in a variety of situations including vibrations, abrupt movements and bumpy road conditions, while allowing for the plug and socket to immediately release in case a user forgets to disconnect the trailer plug before disconnecting the trailer from the vehicle.
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