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"Old" style plugs are held together by a latch on the cover (see above left). If the vehicle operator disconnects the trailer, but forgets to disconnect the "old" style plug before driving away (common occurrence for non-owner-operated vehicle/trailer combinations), the latch cover is ripped off (see above middle), and the plug will no longer function.

Because EZ Connector trailer plugs are held together by powerful magnets instead of a plastic latch, individuals and businesses who power their trailer brakes and trailer lights with EZ Connector trailer plugs no longer have to worry about the risk of damage to the plug when the operator forgets to disconnect the plug before driving away from the trailer that they just disconnected.
Seal Type
Foam or rubber seal
Electrical Contacts
Interference-fit Contacts
Method of Attachment
Male and female trailer plug ends held together by a small plasic latch on female plug cover

Seal Type
Silicon o-ring seal
Electrical Contacts
Solid brass face-to-face spring-loaded contact
Method of Attachment
Male and female trailer plug ends held together by powerful magnets located inside the plug

EZ Connector trailer plugs are quickly gaining a reputation as the best trailer plugs available because of three reasons:
  1. Safety
  2. Reliability
  3. Ease of Use

The legacy electrical connections on the market today, including the J560 used on commercial trucks and 6-pin connectors traditionally used in the equestrian market, require an oversized pin to be forced into a socket so that a zero clearance situation occurs for electricity to be able to pass from socket to pin. Each time this style of connector is cycled, the socket and pin are abraded, and as a result a voltage drop across the connector occurs and increases with cycles. Active circuits can be harmful to the configuration since arcing occurs between the socket and pins, which welds them together or causes an open circuit.
The 7-blade RV connector's design addresses this issue using blades with an interference fit, which are still subject to abrasion if connected/disconnected with the power on. EZ Connector's patented plugs, on the other hand, uses spring-loaded face-to-face contacts so that drawbacks such as arcing and socket/pin abrasion from frequent cycling are eliminated. The combination of spring-loaded pins and fixed contacts also allows for electricity to easily pass from socket to plug and mitigates problems such as voltage dropping due to increased cycling and the resulting open-circuiting of brakes and lights.
The covers, which act as the latching mechanisms on the 7-blade RV connector and 6-pin round, provide some level of protection from the elements when not in use. But, that protection is limited. The most recent version of the 7-blade RV connector does have a rubber gasket inside the cap, however, when the trailer and vehicle are connected together, even the best models are then subject to water and salt intrusion, and ultimately corrosion. The EZ Connector solution tackles this issue head-on since it is waterproof when connected as well as not, because of its double o-ring seals. In fact, boaters with waterproof lights can back the EZ Connector into the water without problem based on this feature.
In addition, the covers on the 7-blade RV and 6-pin connectors are the cause of numerous wiring problems later on. Many users report negative experiences involving having the wiring torn between the vehicle and trailer because of driving away without unhooking the lights. Moreover, this scenario leads to additional poor connections as a result of lousy patch jobs after one of these incidents.

Because EZ Connector uses neodymium magnets to hold the plug and socket together rather than a latch, this does not occur. In addition, the sheer strength of these magnets provides additional support for keeping the plug and socket affixed in a variety of situations including vibrations, abrupt movements and bumpy road conditions.
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