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Show                                       Location                         Date


NTEA                                                     Indianapolis,IN                           March 4-6

APWA (North American Snow Conf)         Grand Rapids, MI                        April 12-15

NATDA                                                  Nashville, TN                              September 10-12



NTP                                                     Las Vegas, NV                           January 28-30

Keystone Midwest Big Show                    Dallas, TX                                 February 8

NTEA                                                   Indianapolis, IN                         March 4-7

APWA (North American Snow Conf)         Cincinnati, OH                           May 4-7

NATDA                                                  St. Louis, MO                            September 4-6

TCI EXPO                                               Hartford, CT                             November 13-15 



Arrow Distributing                                Memphis, TN                            January 22-24

Power Show Ohio                                  Columbus, OH                          January 25-27

Redneck Trailer Steak Feed                  Columbus, OH                           January 26

NTP Show                                            San Diego, CA                           February 12-15

Keystone Midwest Big Show                   Dallas, TX                                 February 9

Keystone Northeast Big Show                 Atlantic City, NJ                         February, 23

NTEA                                                   Indianapolis, IN                    March 6-8

Family Motor Coach Motor Home Show   Gillette,WY                               June 19-22

Keystone Toronto Cross Dock Show         Toronto, Canada                       August 10

NATDA                                                 St. Louis, MO                            September 5-7

SEMA                                                   Las Vegas, NV                           November 5-8



Redneck Steak Feed                              Denver, CO                               January 6

Stag Parkway                                        Las Vegas, NV                           January 16-18

Horse Trailer Showcase                         Oklahoma City, OK                     February 3-4

NATM                                                   Fort Worth, TX                          February 9-10

EquiFest of Kansas                                 Wichita, KS                               February 10-12

NTEA Work Truck Show                         Indianapolis, IN                         March 6-8

Midwest Horse Fair                                Madison, WI                              April 20-22

NDIA                                                    Warren, MI                               May 15-16

Amerequine Festival of the Horse           Fort Worth, TX                         June 1-3                       

NATDA                                                 St. Louis, MO                            September 6-8



Redneck Trailer Steak Feed                   Denver, CO                               January 7

Stag Parkway                                        Nashville, TN                            January 18-20

Equine Affaire                                       Pomona, CA                             February 3-6

NAWTC                                                 Carson City, NV                         February 8-10

NATM                                                   Albuquerque, NM                      February 23-25

NTEA                                                   Indianapolis, IN                         March 8-10

Redneck Branch Manager Meeting           Springville, MO                         March 24

Defense Industrial Expo                         Warren, MI                               May 18-19

MACC                                                   Virginia Beach, VA                     June 14-16

Fed Fleet                                              Orlando, FL                              July 26-28

IDGA-MVEC                                            Detroit, MI                                August 9-11

NATDA                                                  Dallas, TX                                September 8-10

PARV                                                     Hershey, PA                              September 12-18

SEMA                                                    Las Vegas, NV                           November 1-4



Stag Parkway                                        San Antonio, TX                        January 18-20

Equine Affaire                                       Pomona, CA                              February 4-7

NTP                                                     Palm Springs, CA                       February 16-18

NATM                                                   Reno, NV                                   March 4-5

NTEA                                                   St. Louis, MO                            March 10-12

Air National Guard                                 Gulfport, MS                             March 23-24

Lordco                                                 Vancouver, BC                           April 12-13

NAFA                                                    Detroit, MI                                April 25-26

Tri-Base GSA Expo                                 Kings Bay, GA                           June 15-17

Tri-Base GSA Expo                                 Mayport, FL                              June 15-17

Tri-Base GSA Expo                                 Jacksonville, FL                        June 15-17

Fed Fleet                                              Phoenix, AZ                              July 13-15

NATDA                                                 Louisville, KY                            September 10-12

PARV                                                   Hershey, PA                              September 13-19

All American Quarter Horse Cong.          Columbus, OH                           October 7-30

SEMA                                                    Las Vegas, NV                           November 2-5

Atlas                                                    Niagara Falls, ON, CAN               November 15-17