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Are you ready to experience hassle-free electrical connections, but aren't ready to convert your entire fleet of vehicles and trailers to the EZ Connector system? EZ Connector has the solution. EZ Connector offers backward-compatible male and female adapters designed to connect EZ Connector’s EZS7 and EZR7 plugs to legacy 4-pin flat, 5-pin flat, 6-pin round and 7-blade RV connectors, enabling users to take advantage of EZ Connector's many benefits while converting their vehicles and trailers.

Designed with a tighter fit and tolerance than in legacy connectors, EZ Connector’s new adapters mitigate the “wiggle” in the legacy plug end of the adapters to improve the electrical contact. The adapters are an ideal interim solution for individuals who may need to tow another’s trailer with a legacy electrical connection and businesses who want to gradually convert their legacy systems to the high-quality EZS7 and EZR7 systems.
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