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Solutions for Powering Electrical Connections on Agricultural Trailers and Implements
Along with the increasing complexity of electrical controls on agricultural implements comes the need for better, more reliable, easier-to-use electrical connections between the implement and the tractor cab. In addition, as more tractors are traveling between ranches on public roads, properly functioning hazard lighting on tractor implements and agricultural trailers is more important than ever.
FSI Fabrication, Inc.
Formerly known as Farm Shop Inc., FSI Fabrication of Sunnyvale, WA designs and manufactures agriculture and other highway equipment. They are the home of the original EzMix and EzSpred and they are installing the EZ Connector on their new equipment.
Progressive Ag

Manufacturer of the patented Electro-Blast orchard and vineyard sprayers is offering the EZ Connector solution on part of their product line.
Designed with heavy-duty cabling, corrosion-resistant materials, and laboratory-tested waterproof o-ring seals, EZ Connector trailer plugs and electrical connectors are the best solution for ensuring solid, consistent electrical connections between tractor and implement. In addition, because of EZ Connector's easy-to-use magnetically attached quick-release feature, switching implements with complex electrical controls from one tractor to another in the event that the primary tractor goes down is a breeze.
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Key Dollar Cab, LLC


Key Dollar Cab, manufacture of orchard spraying tractor cabs, has now made the EZ Connector their standard connector.

Key Dollar Cab pulling a Progressive Ag sprayer